Every student is valued in educator-supported, thriving public schools.

To advocate for safe, inclusive learning environments that foster increased student achievement and community engagement.


Neighbors For Education’s values were adopted to demonstrate that we are committed to viewing all of our efforts through the lens of equity, with the perspective that ALL students and educators get what they need to succeed. We support public education initiatives, practices, and policies that are evidence-based and oppose those that are not. We respect proven outcomes and best practices supported by data and the experts who have dedicated their lives to the study of education. Public education is, by definition, for everyone and, as a result, Neighbors for Education operates in a non-partisan, apolitical manner.  

Community Partners

Strong and affirming communities effectively build bridges across causes to support each other’s missions where mutual values align. As Neighbors, we embrace opportunities to collaborate with local and national organizations working to support and improve public education in the Pikes Peak Region. Neighbors For Education is proud to partner with the following organizations:

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