Joint Statement from NFE and The Citizen's Project regarding Dr. Thomas's separation from D11

Neighbors for Education has long feared that the newly elected D11 Board of Education would force Dr. Thomas out of his position. This change in leadership negatively affects our community and will impact our students most. We are concerned that our School Board, who claims to make effective use of our budget, will be paying a new Superintendent while at the same time paying out Dr. Thomas’s contract. We believe the terms of his exit should be made public immediately. We are concerned that our administration, staff, and students have already experienced enough change with the pandemic and radical views of some Board Members, and now must work through the coming chaos that a new superintendent brings. We expect President Melpakam and the Board of Directors to acknowledge the negative impact their decision has produced. The Board must work on its own leadership and work to hire a new superintendent who will help stabilize the district and who will work to serve the educational interest of EVERY student.